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Covering all areas of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, we are able to arrange competitive bridging facilities through our network of lenders, whether you are an individual, in a partnership, sole trader, limited company, self employed or private landlord.

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Bridging Loans can be arranged for 100% of a properties purchase price, provided other security can be used.

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UK Property Finance - Bridging | Development Finance | Mortgages

Bridging Loans, unlike mortgages, do not usually require monthly payments. In this way, proof of affordability requirements that are needed to achieve mortgage finance are not so relative. As such, people on low or even without income can obtain a bridging loan.

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Development Finance | 100% UK Property Development Loans

Development Finance:
Regardless of where you are in the overall scheme of things, finding a suitable source of finance is one of the last things that you want to be worrying about as you will no doubt have enough on your plate with the day to day running of things, making sure everything is going according to plan and that everyone is pulling their weight whilst carrying out their delegated tasks appropriately as you head towards your end goal.

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UK Property Finance - Bridging | Development Finance | Mortgages

If you need to figure out whether or not a potential project is commercially viable then our property development finance calculator will enable you to see the actual costs at a glance, available on our link below πŸ‘‡

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Commercial Finance is offered for many reasons such as for the buying of stock, expanding or purchasing new premises or even urgent cash flow needs.
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Everything You Need To Know About Secured Loans - A legend in the field of Loan Advice

Our handy information article regarding Secured Loans and everything you need to know about them

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What can the loan be used for?
A secured loan can be used for absolutely anything – as long as it is within the law. Home improvement, the consolidation of debt and the financing of once-in-a-lifetime holidays, weddings and other celebrations are just a few of the reasons that people apply for this type of credit.
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We pride ourselves on offering a whole-of-market service that is designed to save time and money when searching for highly affordable, mortgage borrowing products πŸ‘

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